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Erasmus and Exchange students

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Erasmus and international students Enrolled at the University of Torino for an exchange period have to refer to the following documents:

Application form 2014/2015

Students coming to Torino for the second semester form must complete the online application within 30/11/2014 following carefully the instructions indicated in the file "Incoming enrolment procedure 2014-2015" available in the section DOCUMENTS.

After completing the online registration, the International mobility office will check the application forms and send the students an email with the confirmation of acceptance.

Please note that if students are coming to Torino in the frame of study areas included in the bilateral agreements signed with Partner Universities for the a.y. 2014/2015 and have been nominated by their home University (with an email to relint@unito.it), their application forms will be accepted.

NOTE: Incoming students needing Study visa can request the invitation letter writing an email to relint@unito.it specifying the following data: surname, name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, permanent address (street, city, ZIP-code, country), University of origin, ISCED area code of the bilateral agreement and the expected date for the beginning of the mobility period.

WARNING: the online procedure should not be followed by:

1) Students taking part in a “double degree programme” (laurea binazionale), which should directly contact the Secretariat of the related Department in Turin in order to be registered. These students will namely be registered as properly enrolled students and not as exchange students.
NOTE: Only students taking part in a double degree programme at the School of Management and Economics should instead follow the online registration for incoming students.
2) Students coming to Turin in the frame of the Erasmus+ for Traineeship, who should not fill in the Application Form but send an email to relint@unito.it in order to receive instructions about the mobility period.

For technical problems concerning the application form, send an email to relint@unito.it

Study plan in Turin

Information about the Italian language courses for incoming students and the course schedule are available in Learning Italian section.

For information about the academic calendar and courses, students must refer to the Departments websites where they will spend their mobility period.

NOTE: the Learning Agreement has to be agreed with the professor of Unito in charge of the Bilateral Agreement signed with the University of origin. The name of the professor is indicated in the application form. For approval of Learning Agreement, please contact directly the professor using the Contacts of Unito.

In the section DOCUMENTS, on the right side of this page, the file “Administrative procedures Unito 2014-2015 v01”, with the administrative procedures and useful information for Erasmus and international students, is available.

Erasmus for Traineeship
The University of Turin offers to students, attending an internship at a Company/Institution in Turin through the Erasmus+ Traineeship programme, the same services offered to international students participating in the Erasmus programme for study. For further information, please send an email to relint@unito.it with your Name, Surname, Duration of Internship and Name of Hosting Institution/Company.

HousingAnywhere - An interesting opportunity to increase the housing offers for exchange and internship students
The University of Turin has joined the international network HousingAnywhere: a student-to-student housing platform for exchange and internship students.HousingAnywhere is a very effective free tool that increases the housing offers and the amount of short term accomodation for incoming exchange students.For further information, please visit HousingAnywhere website or send an email to info@housinganywhere.com.

Students’ associations in Turin:
They help incoming students to get to know Turin and Italian students. In some cases they organize tours, events and visits in Italy and they can support international students in finding information about the University of Turin and seeking accommodation.

- Associazione AEGEE - Torino (Association des Etat Generaux des Etudiant de l'Europe)
- Erasmus Point Torino
- Erasmus Torino

Erasmus office contact information 
The central office of the University of Turin dealing with welcoming and enrolling Erasmus students is Ufficio Mobilità Internazionale. 
Our office will receive the public only by appointment. In order to agree a date, write to relint@unito.it, call number +39 011.670.44.25 or send a fax to the number +39
Students with disability are kindly requested to write an email to relint@unito.it to inform us about any particular needs for assistance or support.

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