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PhD student opinions

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Survey on PhD students opinions

What is the Survey on PhD Students' opinions?
The Evaluation Committee (Nucleo di Valutazione) of the University of Turin is currently monitoring the overall quality of all PhD courses.  An essential component of the evaluation process is provided by students’ opinions about their training and research activities.  These opinions are collected through the yearly submission of an anonymous survey to a cohort of PhD students.

Why XXVI "ciclo" PhD Students?
This year the focus is on PhD students enrolled into the XXVI “ciclo”. We seek their opinion as they have a three year experience that should allow them  to give a thoughtful view on the PhD program strengths and weaknesses.

2013 Survey
Instructions for the survey

The survey is anonymous and can be accessed on line.
WARNING! Please fill in the English form only if you have not completed the Italian version yet.
PhD students will receive an e-mail with the invitation to fill in the online form, containing the username and password necessary to access this page.
The deadline is 30th September 2013.

The online survey
The survey consists of six sections:

1. General Information
2. Training
3. Research
4. Resources and Perspectives
5. Thesis and Tutoring
6. Other Comments

A PDF copy of the form can be downloaded from the "documents" section in this page. You need about 15 minutes for the filling.
Once filled in, you have to send the survey by clicking on "OK send" at the end of the page. A pop-up will appear notifying the data sending. If you don't answer some questions, a message of error will appear showing where an answer is needed. The final sending will be possible only when all questions are properly answered.

Warning! You have only 40 minutes to complete the survey. For security reasons, at the end of 40 minutes the session will be automatically closed and the filling will be invalidated.
All data will be processed according to current Italian regulations. Data will be published only in aggregated form.  Personal data given in the first section will be processed separately from opinions and judgments. Personal comments will not be sent to PhD coordinators. They will be processed by the Evaluation Committee and reported to the coordinator as general information only.

For further information please send an e-mail to opinione-dottorandi@unito.it.

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