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Self-Access Centre (SAC) - Linguistic Centre 

Contact information:

Coordinator: Cristina Ragionieri
Tel. +39-011-6399.307
Fax. +39-011-6399.284

Lab assistant: Valeria Moro
Tel. +39-011-6399.310


General information:

The Linguistic Multimedia Centre (SAC Self Access Centre) was established in SAA with the aim of promoting the acquisition of high level and quality language competences among its students.

Founded in 1997, it consists of a variety of different resources (books, audio cassettes, videotapes, DVDs, CD-Roms, etc) organised in order to allow the students to learn foreign languages autonomously, with the assistance of linguistic consultants (the Helpers). The centre works on the promotion and the improving of the knowledge of foreign languages that are part of the syllabus of the Athenaeum (English, French and Spanish) and it also support the learning of Italian for foreigners.

The use of SAC is free for all the students enrolled at SAA, the teachers and the university staff. Furthermore, courses on demand are carried out for ex-students and external users.


1)    Linguistic Centre - SAC

The Self-Access Centre consists in three labs.

The multimedia lab
A big multimedia room with ten computers for the use of various educational  software programmes and for watching DVDs. All the computers have unlimited Internet access and it is also possible to use the school's wireless connection in the multimedia lab.
In addition, this lab has two televisions with a DVD/VCR player. This room is also used for cultural meetings between Italian and foreign students. (Linguistic Tandem Lessons).

The audio - visual lab
This lab has a television, a DVD/VCR player and a satellite decoder. It is used by groups of students to watch films and satellite programmes together. Sometimes it is used as a study or a conversation room.

The helper desk
This is the welcoming office for the students. At the helper desk it is possible to:

  • book appointments for the use of SAC
  • fix appointments for conversations with the Helpers
  • ask for didactic material to be used in SAC
  • ask for information about SAC activities


2)    Access and opening hours

Internal students, teachers, SAA's academic staff and paying external students have access to the lab.

Opening hours: 







10.00 / 13.00

14.00 / 20.00


10.00 / 13.00

14.00 / 20.00


10.00 / 13.00

14.00 / 20.00


10.00 / 13.00

14.00 / 20.00


10.00 / 13.00

14.00 / 20.00


9.00 / 12.30



Enrolment and Initial interview:
To enrol at SAC, you need to fill in an application form, a SAC assistant will then help you understand how the structure works and the resources at your disposal. For the external users, the payment is to be made to the Interuniversity Relations Office.
An initial interview with a Helper must be booked in order to assign a personalised study programme. Students can book lessons by telephone (011-6399310) or in person at the Linguistic Centre. Reservations are to be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the lesson or the student will not be allowed to  book a conversation lesson for the following week. All the students must enroll at the Centre and agree to its rules, which can be consulted by clicking on the link.






Ragionieri Cristina


Valeria Moro

Lab assistant






Basta Laura 

Bradshaw Julie 

 Fahey Diana


Malaffo Elena

Rodriguez Huesca María Del R.

Spadavecchia Elena


Tellier Emilie


Basta Laura

Malaffo Elena  

Spadavecchia Elena




 4)    Self-learning

The Linguistic Centre is the place for self-learning. Available resources include books, multimedia and audio-visual material. Students are followed by mother tongue teachers and Helpers at all time.

What does self-learning mean?
Every student's needs, habits, study methods and goals differ from others and therefore require a tailor-made approach to language learning. The ideal tailor-made solution, therefore, takes into consideration:

  • individual diversity and motivation
  • initial gaps in language learning
  • personal objectives

 Who is the centre for?

  • SAA students
  • ex-students of SAA
  • exchange students
  • people in need of individual and flexible programmes
  • companies willing to invest in their staff

 What kind of equipment is offered?
SAC offers didactic materials in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian (for foreign students).  A simplified coding system allows students to find material easily being organised by contents, level and subject.
It is possible to use various material such as dictionaries, grammar books, textbooks and magazines.
Furthermore, SAC offers a full range of films in their original language.

 The Helper ( linguistic consultants)
is a mother-tongue consultant able to:

  • organise step-by-step activities in order to reach fixed objectives while taking full advantage of the structure
  • teach a profitable way of learning a language.

 Linguistic Tandem Lessons
Thanks to Erasmus agreement and the partnership with USAC American University at SAA, there are many foreign students who dedicate some of their time to conversation with Italian students.


5) SAC Activities

  • exercises strengthening individual linguistic skills: listening, reading, writing and grammar
  • international certificate courses (e.g. : Cambridge certifications, TOEFL, DELF, DELE, CELI)
  • specialised business courses
  • consultation of specialised dictionaries
  • consultation of past exam papers
  • conversations with linguistic consultants (Helper) and foreign students (Tandem)
  • multimedia courses in various languages with vocal identification
  • dictations on audiocassettes and CDs with self-evaluation via tape script
  • films on DVD and videotape
  • selection of Internet websites aimed at autonomous language learning
  • foreign programmes on Satellite TV
  • audio books (on CD and audiocassettes)
  • magazines and newspapers
  • supplementary cultural activities (e.g.: roundtable, cultural meetings, games).



 The Linguistic Centre offers tailor-made language courses. Costs vary according to the number of hours and the level of linguistic skills needed. Languages offered are English, French, Spanish and Italian for foreigners.
Courses are aimed at:

  • ex-students of SAA
  • students enrolled on a master's degree
  • external users
  • companies.

 Courses characteristics

The Linguistic Centre offers personalised or structured courses and individual or group courses. 




Subscription Type


ex-students SAA

External users/Company

3 months

Unlimited access of the Centre and use of educational material.
25 hours of conversation with a mother tongue tutor

300,00 Euro + VAT

500,00 Euro + VAT

6 months

Unlimited access of the Centre and use of educational material.
40 ore hours of conversation with a mother tongue tutor

500,00 Euro + VAT

700,00 Euro + VAT

SAA promotes the linguistic training of its ex-students by offering a personalised and a time-targeted study programme according to personal requirements. Naturally, also external students desiring to improve their linguistic skills in an international environment are welcome to take advantage of the Centre’s services. Special attention is further given to companies investing in their staff.





Subscription Type


SAA ex-student

Out home student


International certificate courses (DELE, DFP, BEC, TOEFL, CELI, etc)

Unlimited access of the Centre and use of educational material.
20 hours of specialized course

 Costs vary according to the number of participants and to the level of linguistic competence. 

The Linguistic Centre organises specific courses (e.g. business courses) and international certificate courses. The languages offered are: English, French, Spanish and Italian for foreigners of every level  (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). For further information consult the website or contact  SAC (Phone number: 011-6399310 Email:  Costs vary according to the number of participants and to the level of linguistic competence.  A minimum number of students is required.




 To enrol contact SAC (Phone number: 0116399310 Email: Participation to the linguistic programme is subject to payment.


7) International certification

SAA - together with the Linguistic Centre - offers the possibility to prepare for an international certificate in the following languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian for foreigners. 




Contact people


Qualification for all Cambridge certificates (PET, FIRST, BEC1, BEC2, BEC3), TOEFL. SAA is an official Cambridge test centre.





Contact person


Qualification for all certificates (DELF, DALF, DFP etc.).

SAA is an official DFP (French Business Certificate) test centre.





Contact people

Rodriguez Huesca María Del R.

Spadavecchia Elena

Qualification for all certificates (DELE, CEC, etc).





Contact people

Malaffo Elena 

Spadavecchia Elena

Qualification for the main international certificates for Italian language (CELI, etc).



Educational material for the abovementioned certificates are available at the Centre.  For further information see  useful links.