Summer school in UniTo: Engaging Conflict

Martedì 10 Marzo 2020


Diverse strutture didattiche dell'Ateneo promuovono iniziative di Summer Schools per l'estate 2020.

In particolare sono al momento aperte le iscrizioni alle seguenti Summer Schools, entrambe tenute in lingua inglese.

Engaging Conflict
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The Engaging Conflict Summer School is designed to equip committed students, early-career researchers and professionals with advanced tools to critically understand conflict and tackle it as a dynamic reality.

The Engaging Conflict Summer School is a comprehensive learning experience that combines inputs and lectures by renown scholars, subject matter experts and practitioners with participatory activities in an informal, yet challenging, environment.

Data di svolgimento: dal 29 giugno al 10 luglio 2020
Sede di svolgimento: Torino
Enti promotori: Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società; Torino World Affairs Institute (TWAI)
Scadenza presentazione domanda: 3 maggio 2020
Nota: the approach followed by the EC Organising Committee is to prioritise and guarantee the safety of participants and faculty member. For this reason, the Organising Commmittee is closely monitoring the situation and will inform candidates and selected participants on any development that could impact the 2020 edition of the Summer School. In the unfortunate event that the Summer School could not take place as planned, selected participants will have their tuition fee reimbursed in full and would be offered the opportunity to attend the next edition in due course.

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The TOAfrica summer school offers Master’s students and professionals an introductory framework to the African continent with particular attention to the Sub-Saharan regions, that in recent years have undergone impressive changes: demographic and economic growth, fast urbanization, internal and external mobility, the development of digital technologies, artistic creativity, social, cultural and religious transformations, but also conflicts and environmental, health and political crises.

Data di svolgimento: in corso di ridefinizione
Sede di svolgimento: Campus Luigi Einaudi, Lungo Dora Siena 100/A - Torino
Enti promotori: Africanistic section of the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society (CPS Africa) of the University of Turin and the Torino World Affairs Institute (T.wai), Makerere University (Kampala, Uganda),

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